Giorgia Franco 
attorney at law

Business crimes / corporate crimes
Crimes against the person

Business and corporate crimes

Environmental crimes and building-code violation; crimes concerning individual wellbeing and public health as well as safety on the workplace. Corporate, industrial crimes and crimes concerning food safety obbligations. Offences towards PA; property damages.

Tax crimes

Fraudolent invoices; failed/false tax returns related to value-added tax (IVA), IRPEF and IRES; failed tax and fees payment


Computer fraud; data corruption, information leak, damages to IT-systems and softwares; identity fraud (theft); cyberstalking; cryberbullying.

Threats to personal assets

Extortion; fraud; fraudulent insolvency; abuse of weakness/vulnerable person; embezzlement; usury

Road traffic law crimes

Vehicular manslaughter; bodly harm through negligence; driving under influence of alcohol and/or narcotics (DUI).

Domestic violence

Breach of care and support obligations; domestic abuse; national and international child abduction; crimes and offences against the Person, such as physical and psychological abuse, personal freedom restrictions, moral and sexual abuse (e.g. personal injuries) defamation; stalking; bullying.

Skills and strengths


Criminal defense attorney; her long-term experience and continuous updating mean a quality defence in criminal procedings to either defendants or claimants asking for compensation. She provides legal advice in assessment and management of criminal risk as well as in business activity – related risk-.

Giorgia graduated from Milano University and is a member of the Bar Association of Milan. In 2009 she got her master´s degree in corporate criminal law and in 2012 she attended a course in tax law. In 2015 she got a master degree in “Modello 231 Compliance”. Additionally, she has worked as university assistant at the department of comparative criminal law of the University of Milan. She has many scholarly contributions, such as articles and lectures on her legal area of interest..

Giorgia worked for years in one of the most important law firms specializing in financial criminal law. During her work experiences, Giorgia acquired the best possible knowledge on how to provide legal assistance and consultance to private companies. Moreover, between 2013 and 2014 she specialized further on the legal defence of weak parties, which lead her to become part of underage and minors public defenders Bar association.


Viale San Michele del Carso 13
20144 – Milano

tel. +39 02 49524655
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